Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mikila Marshall's review

5 of 5 stars

Be Careful What You Wish For is the Second instalment to Gladys Quintal's first book The Man of My Dreams. It took me a while to read this but as soon as it was on my Ereader instead of Laptop screen I breezed through it just like her first book. And just like the first book I was hooked throughout. In this book it explains how everything started. How everything was connected to one woman. Elizabeth. Who is based on Elizabeth Bathory AKA Countess Dracula. In my opinion this book is not as dark as the first but the feeling of paranoia brought on by Sebastian makes up for it. Being a mother myself, it is a mother's worst nightmare if something were to happen to their children so when Sebastian crept in through little AJ's mind I was kind of livid and panicking something would happen to him. I liked the additional vampires and how they came into it. Everything was explained so you wouldn't get lost. The love between Alexi and Cassie was still as strong as ever and it was great to see they could live together and not just in Cassie's dream. We met Alexi's mum briefly in the first book but in this one we met his whole family. His mum is a very strong character and she knew Alexi couldn't pull the wool over her eyes. When I came to the end I kept trying to flick the page but it came up blank. I had finished. :( :( I could have cried! It was getting to that epic moment but it was finished. Now I have to wait for the Third instalment which I hope is very soon because I neeeeed to see what happens next.
I give this wonderful book a 5 * just because it was well written and well thought out :)
Thank you for another great book Gladys. Eagerly awaiting the next one :D

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