Monday, 9 January 2012

No Rest For The Wicked!

Well this has been an exciting week! My perfect little baby girl has decided that being perfect isn't so much fun and has decided that sleeping is over rated! I am hoping it is just a phase and that she will get back into her good routine again soon. I guess I have had it pretty easy with her since she was born almost a year ago.

My paperback is now available at Whitcoulls and Angus and Robertson as well as Fishpond so now my friends and family can order it within NZ and Australia.

Book #2(Be Careful What You Wish For) is almost done and should be uploaded soon - due to be officially released on Feb 1st (although unofficially it is available in its unedited form on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble on nook )

Plus I am 10,000 words into Book #3 (The Chosen One) so no rest for the wicked!

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