Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Review of The Man of my Dreams by Emily Hill

The Man of My Dreams’ by Gladys Quintal is written (and impeccably edited by M.R. Saxton) in the most classical style I have seen this season.

And Brava! to the author for that. Unlike ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ which I found highly touted but poorly-structured, ‘The Man of My Dreams’ handles scene transition and point of view beautifully.

Quintal has managed to braid the lives of four women in a way that brings the revelation – and involvement – of 'the Presence' (referred to actually as 'The Ghost' until the full extent of his powers are known) into their lives in such a way that the reader is treated to a ring side seat of non-stop drama.

This one’s a page turner. The first half of the book sets the main character, Cassie, up for an end of the book moment that is like symbols crashing at the end of a symphony.

This one is genre-perfect for vampire story lovers – and lovers of vampires…no! Really! If you have ever fantasized about having a vampire as a Lover . . . this one is for you! The dangers and rewards of such a dalliance is spelled out clearly on every page.

To the author, “We’re waiting for more, Gladys!”

5 stars

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