Saturday, 4 February 2012

Quiz for Be Careful What You Wish For

Woohoo!!!!! My page hit 500 likes:) Now time for some fun! A quiz I think, some trivia questions from Be Careful What You Wish For...... and a prize for the winner ♥

1) Which fictional character at the start of the book is based on a real life serial killer?

2) My character Chloe is based on the girl on the cover of the book - how is this girl connected to me in real life?
3) Which mythological god does Sebastian resemble?

4) What caused Suzy to lose control of her car?

5) What did Cassie and Alexi name their son?

6) Which one of Cassie's friends get visited by a dream lover?

7) What does Hayley do for a living?

8) The name of Cassie's English friend?

9) Who suspects Alexi of being The Ghost?

10) Which actor was my inspiration for Alexi (The Man of my Dreams!)

The first person to answer all these questions right can have their choice of prize - either one of my books in paperback (either 1 or 2 - your choice) or be the first person to read the first 5 chapters of book 3 (in progress and unedited) - emailed to you. Good luck my friends!!!!! xx

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