Thursday, 1 March 2012

Moonlight and Me

     Years ago a psychologist told me that I needed to find my creative outlet. I was devastated at this remark because I didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body. But I soon discovered it to be writing. I decided to start by writing my life story as therapy and once I started I just couldn’t seem to stop. After that, I was keen to try my hand at fiction, having always loved the Vampire genre. I had a bit of a story in my head but really wasn’t confident enough to put myself out there just yet.

I was chatting away to my 15 year old daughter one night in 2007, a few months after moving from NZ to Australia.  A voice on TV caught my attention and I turned to see a nice looking guy with long dark hair, wearing a trench coat. My daughter commented that it was a new Vampire PI show and being a Vampire buff, I decided to check it out.

My life changed forever that night. I was hooked, but it was already half way through the series before I discovered Moonlight.

About a year and a half later, the Go channel started playing reruns, but once again I caught it half way through. I started to research the show and the lead Alex O’loughlin. I found out that there had only ever been one series  made and that Alex had a Myspace page. I joined Myspace and then went searching for Alex and Moonlight on Facebook.  That was the 5th of December 2009 and a few hours later my daughter was in a car accident. I will never forget that night. It was one of the worst nights of my life.

As my daughter recovered from surgery in hospital, I had my new Moonlight pages to keep me sane while I sat at home alone night after night (with my then 4 year old son), worrying if her ankle would heal and if she would be able to walk properly again.

 I ordered the Moonlight DVD and watched it for the first time from the beginning. To say I love this show is an understatement. On the 12th December, a lady named Moyra that I had been chatting with on an Alex Facebook page sent me a friend request. I had only been on Facebook for a few weeks and was a bit suss of accepting requests from someone I didn’t know, but I had a good feeling about her.  Moyra is now one of my closest and dearest friends. I accepted other requests soon after and 5 years down the track we are still close friends and have exchanged phone numbers and addresses.

I made a lot of other friends in the fandom and soon discovered through one of them, that Moonlight was based on the book by Trevor Munson, titled Angel of Vengeance. I promptly ordered it from Amazon and had devoured it within a few hours – wishing with all my heart that there was more and more Moonlight too.

In 2011,  I began to have dreams and visions. I started to write them down and soon my first book The Man of my Dreams was born. Watching Moonlight really gave me the push I needed to start writing again and so far I haven’t stopped. I have friended other authors and they have helped me so much, I really would be lost without all of them egging me on and sharing their words of wisdom.

Trevor has been so supportive of my writing. I hope he realises just how much Mick has meant to me and how inspirational Moonlight has been for so many people. I’ve made so many wonderful and supportive friends on this journey who inspire and encourage me - a few of them have even ended up as characters in my books (Moyra, Hayley and Nana). I sometimes wonder where I would be if not for that night when I first heard Mick St John’s voice on my TV – I shudder to think.

 I still cry every time I watch Sonata – Moonlight’s final episode, because I know that it is the end and there is no more……

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