Sunday, 24 June 2012


Wow!!!!! Well, yesterday was my first ever Book Launch party for The Chosen One and what a party it was! It was so much fun and I still cannot believe how many people attended - and how many stayed for the whole event!

I hope everyone had a blast? I know quite a few of you won prizes and I hope you enjoy them, especially if you won any of my books. I really love feedback, so would appreciate hearing what you thought when you have read them.

And what about my hosts?? Were they not the best hosts you have ever come across?? Jennifer ran the event for me and I cannot thank her enough. We tried to stretch it across timezones so everyone would have a chance to attend at some stage - I couldn't have done that without her help :) Delphina, Laura, Lindsey, Heather, Chelsea and Hayley - thank you all so much, you ladies are awesome! Please give their pages some love - I would be so lost without these book pages to help me promote and get my books noticed.

Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to give my pages some much needed love too!!!!

Thanks so much for all your support, I am overwhelmed at the comments and feedback I get from all of you so keep 'em coming :)

See you at the next party!!!!!

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