Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Dream Series - Book 1 (The Man of My Dreams)

 The Man of my Dreams (book 1 in The Dream Series)

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WARNING: This book mentions a case of sexual abuse. There are attempted rape scenes and a deranged serial killer.

He'd been roaming these same streets now for more than 20 years. It only seemed logical that at some point the evil would be purged. But as soon as he got rid of one monstrous human another was not far behind. So he wandered and listened intently for the cries of another innocent victim. This stupid curse only allowed him to be seen in human form through a mortal’s subconscious. This made things even more complicated. When victims were fully awake and alert, they saw him as he truly was. This petrified them more than the human monsters he was rescuing them from. Surely tonight, just like any other night, someone would need him. He listened and waited, hoping it would not be too long. He was getting very hungry.

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