Monday, 28 January 2013

Excerpt from Be Careful What You Wish For (Book 2 in The Dream Series)

 *Contains Spoilers*

Your mother loves you. She wouldn't tell anyone or do anything to put you in jeopardy."
"That is not my biggest worry, my love. The more people wh...o know, the more are in danger from Sebastian. He's always had it in for me, even before I fell in love with a human," he said, kissing the top of her head. "I have no idea why he hates me so much but he acts like I'm somehow beneath him, and the fact I'm now with a mortal just makes it worse. I'm pretty sure it is him who has been visiting your friend Maria."
Cassie sat upright and stared at him.
"I thought you said you didn't know who it was? Is she in danger?"
"I didn't want to say anything until I was sure and I'm 99% sure it must be him. If it is, then yes, she's in grave danger. He's very sadistic and, unlike me, has no qualms about killing an innocent human. He has his own hidden agenda. Chloe and I spoke about it the other night but we have no idea what he's planning to do."
Cassie was now beside herself with worry. Poor Maria! She suspected from the start that it was another Vampire.
"I have to warn her," she said reaching for her mobile.
Alexi grabbed her hand and looked into her face. He shook his head sadly.
"And say what? A crazed Vampire is visiting her dreams in an attempt to get back at Alexi somehow? We don't have any idea what he's planning and she's so addicted to his blood by now that anything you say won't register. She'll believe him over anyone else now."
"What do you mean addicted to his blood? Aren't you getting things a bit mixed up there? Sebastian is the Vampire, not Maria!"
He felt sorry for her, but he knew in his heart it was too late to save Maria. How could he tell Cassandra that she had lost her best friend forever and that he knew there was nothing he could do?
"He's been gradually draining her blood and making her feel weak and anaemic, then offering her a cure of his own blood. It's a simple vampire trick to make the woman totally dependent on him."
"You never did that to me!" Cassie exclaimed. "Maybe you're wrong?"
"As you know, my dear, I'm not like other Vampires. I'm afraid I overheard Hayley and Moyra talking about how Maria had looked really ill last time they saw her. She obviously had a miraculous recovery when they saw her at A.J.'s party. That's when I knew."
"So I'm supposed to just stand by and do nothing? I'm supposed to helplessly watch Sebastian turn her or kill her out of some warped vendetta against you?"
"I'm afraid so, Cassandra. Anything you said to her now would make no difference. He's her life force now and she cannot live without him even if she wanted to. If he leaves her she'll die anyway from severe anaemia. She needs his blood to keep her alive until he decides to make her a Vampire or end her life. It's what he does and he's been doing the same thing for hundreds of years."
"Well, it's about time someone stopped him!" Cassie cried angrily as she stood up and walked over to the window.
Alexi was right and she knew in her heart that Maria was already dead. It saddened her more than words could say and she regretted not spending more time with her dear friend. Maybe if she warned her of the existence of Vampires she could have saved her? No . . . Maria still would be in danger from Sebastian. She couldn't win. There was nothing she could do. She put her head in her hands and started to weep.

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