Sunday, 20 January 2013

Teaser from The Chosen One (Book 3 in The Dream Series)


“They are the spawn,” replied Elizabeth, not in the least bit phased by them.
“Spawn?” Sebastian asked, curious as to what the answer was going to be.
“Yes spawn, as in The Devil’s S
pawn,” she answered, looking at him with a twinkle in her eye.
“So all these kids belong to him?” Sebastian asked, trying to disguise his disgust. He was meant to be a bad boy and was off to obtain his Demonship from the King of hell, but this place gave even him the creeps.
“Yes, he is their daddy,” she said smiling.
“So who is their mummy?” Sebastian asked, actually wanting to know.
“Oh, they don’t have a mummy,” she said as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “Once the vessels have provided the heirs, they are disposed of.”
“By vessels, you mean women?”
“Whores and harlots. Women, if you must be politically correct. They are all just here for his enjoyment and to create offspring. They usually die from the pain of birthing or soon thereafter. Your friend Maria is lined up as his next little incubator.”
“Die? But aren’t they already dead before they get here?”
Sebastian was careful to keep his horror to himself, for he could not risk showing any sort of a conscience in front of Elizabeth. And for some reason, the further into the dark abyss of evil she took him, the more connected with his own conscience he became. He realized she would betray him in a heartbeat, of that he was sure.
Even as a cold and heartless vampire, he could never be as ruthless as this woman standing before him. He found it hard to believe she had ever been human at all and wondered just what had drawn him to her to begin with. Yes, it was true that he left a newly turned vamp in Alexi’s house and had not even considered the fact that she would probably kill the baby. It wasn't something he cared about, to be honest. All that drove him was his blind lust for Elizabeth and his desire to please her, no matter what.
He had somehow let himself believe he was above humanity and that all these so-called peasants were beneath him. Now he was beginning to have second thoughts and actually felt some regret over the deeds he carried out over the last four centuries. His horrid deeds were done out of devotion for… a female who saw him only as a tool, a lackey, and something to be used. The realization had been slow in coming, but was now so obvious. He was no longer her willing pawn.
“Technically yes, the women are dead, but their fate hasn’t been determined. They could possibly still go into the light or remain here forever, but not until they have given themselves freely to the master, that is,” she said smiling that sickly sweet smile of hers.
Sebastian noticed the look of insanity in her eyes. Why had he not seen it before? If this was her plan for the redhead, then just what the hell did she have planned for A.J. – the supposed Chosen One?


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