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As a few of you already know by now, I have been trying unsuccessfully to prosecute my stepfather for raping and assaulting me from the ages of 10-16. 30 years ago when I was just 16, I went to police and pressed charges against him. I was naive and relieved when he plead guilty and thought he would be punished accordingly for his crimes. Little did I know, that he had only admitted to having sex with a girl in his care - consensual sex. Only 2charges when I was 16, nothing before and no rape charges. He got a smack on the hand and that was that.

I was left confused and bewildered, wondering why police had believed him over me. I felt betrayed and tried to get answers - only to be told time and time again that the matter had been dealt with and to go back again now would be double jeopardy. I just couldn't get my head around how it could be so as he was never charged with rape or for any of the atrocities he committed against me before I was 16. I guess to be honest, I became a little obsessed with clearing my own name and replacing the consenual sex with a rape charge. It made my stomach churn and my skin crawl to think that people could possibly believe his story to be true.

Finally about 3years ago, after trying and failing for almost 30years, I managed to convince someone to reopen the case and investigate further. It was determined not to be a case of double jeopardy and the wheels were put in motion to start again from scratch. During this time, I contacted a few other people I suspected could have been victimised as well and one of them was willing to come forward and fight along side me to get this monster named and shamed. We thought if we could at least get his name on the sex offender register and known to police, then we may be able to prevent him getting access to other children. Together, we fought hard; trial dates were set and postponed and we were disappointed time and time again. But we held tough, stayed strong and united in our quest for justice, we saw it through. In December 2012 he finally realised that there was no escaping and plead guilty to some of the charges. It was a good result; I got my admission of rape and then we just had to wait for sentencing.

Sentencing was the 25th of Feb and after listening to the defence attorney argue his point about it being consensual sex and not rape, the judge imposed a sentence of 8years - with a 12months concession for the guilty plea. He disregarded the consensual allegations as nonsense; how could they possibly think a 12year old girl (even though I was 10 when it started, he wouldn't admit to anything before I was 12) could be consenting to this abuse? He seemed angry that the matter had been dealt with so poorly all those years ago. He could only go by the sentences that related to the time when the offending had occurred - today it would have carried a much longer prison term, but 8years was the maximum for back then. So the end result was 7years - a good result.

Finally, we have the justice we deserve, we have shown that what he did to us was unacceptable and not ok - we have taken back our power and he has been made to pay for his crimes. After all these years he has finally been held accountable and I have been vindicated. All the hard work that we, his victims, the detective in charge of our case, the crown prosecutor and our wonderful support people have put in these past 3 years, has finally paid off.

It was a good day.....  

Now I am looking into publishing the book I have written about my childhood and the fight to bring him to justice..... again, nothing easy about this project!


 "After being separated from my mother twice in my 10 short years of life, I was more than a little excited at the prospect of being reunited with her again. Unfortunately, my elation was to be short-lived when the visits to my bedroom started. Threatening to send me away again or turn the loaded gun he kept in my wardrobe on us all, he kept my silence.

It was to be another six years until I escaped the abuse of my mother’s husband and another 30 years before I was able to bring him to justice. Ironically, the one person that should have protected me and helped me fight to stop him, my mother, is still with him to this day."

After years of writing and rewriting it and waiting to see how the ending turned out - I think my #WIP may actually be finished.... It is not fiction this time and not a continuation of The Dream Series (though I am in the process of writing book 4 - Succubus: An Erotic Companion, as we speak), but pretty much my autobiography. The story of my childhood; my neglectful mother and abusive, perverted stepfather.

I sent it off to a NZ publisher a while back and received a letter recently to say it wasn't suitable for them, but to try other publishers. I have approached a couple over the years and am kind of sick of being rejected - I really want to tell my story and help other sexual abuse survivors to realise it is possible to get justice and live a happy and fulfilling life again.
I tried to go down the Trad Pub road to begin with as that was always my initial dream - but it hasn't quite panned out as I imagined, so I will look at Indie as I have done with the others. I felt this story was just too important and I wanted the chance to be a 'real' author.....though the legal stuff is really doing my head in at the moment! Hopefully I will get there soon though. Finger's crossed :)

A lot of my own experiences have gone into my fictional works, especially my first book The Man of My Dreams. I created a vigilante vampire that rescues women and children from rapists and child molesters......

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Sex predator cops seven years' jail (Taranaki Daily News 26th February 2013, New Zealand)

A Patea man who emotionally destroyed a young teen by brutalising her and using her as his sex slave has been jailed for seven years.
Colin Leonard Webb, 60, had earlier pleaded guilty to the sexual assaults against two girls, admitting to police he had sex with the young teen about 50 times when she was aged between 12 and 14.
In sentencing, Judge Allan Roberts said Webb had robbed the young girl of her innocence, subjecting her to his predatory behaviour.
"There were people close to you who chose to look away. They failed your victims miserably," the judge said.
On one occasion, the police summary says, the girl's mother came into the room while Webb was having sex with the girl, screaming at him, "What the hell is going on here?"
She took her daughter back to her bedroom telling her everything would be all right.
The victim is now asking why her mother did not protect her.
Webb also admitted indecently assaulting an even younger girl, aged between 8 and 11, in previous years.
The offending, which covers representative sexual assaults including indecent assault, rape and attempted rape, occurred between 1972 and 1980.
Victims of sexual abuse are by law given permanent name suppression.
Crown prosecutor Nina Elliott asked for a prison sentence of between seven to eight years, saying aggravating features included the breach of trust, premeditation, the vulnerability of the girls, and the harm done to both them and their families.
'The only mitigating factor is his guilty plea," Ms Elliott said.
Webb was unremorseful nor did he accept the effect his offending had on his victims, Ms Elliott said.
Defence lawyer Patrick Mooney disagreed, saying Webb had written a letter to both complainants.
Webb and his wife had suffered personal abuse and had to face hostility from others. Just two months ago, they were the victims of a tube bomb.
Both Webb and his wife suffered health problems, Mr Mooney said.
Judge Roberts said the first victim, when aged between 8 and 11, was regularly abused by Webb, often when she went to the toilet.
The offending against the second girl "was serious indeed". It had a graphic effect on her, the judge said.
Webb's pre-sentence report noted he had minimal recollection and was not willing to make amends.
There appeared to be collaboration and collusion between the people close to the girls in that there was a lack of intervention on behalf of his victims, the judge said.
It would be some resolution for his victims that he was going to jail, Judge Roberts said.

The victim impact statement of the second girl made harrowing reading, he said.
She saw herself as his sex toy and was left broken-hearted at the terrible things he had done to her "over and over and over again". She was now over-protective of her own children.
She wondered why her mother failed her but was grateful to an aunt and her husband for their support.
The judge said the young girl had impressed him with her efforts to distance herself from the house where she was offended against.
"She was brave indeed."

I would not be surprised if other victims now come out of the woodwork - you cannot tell me that after a spate of offending this long, that he just gave up and became a model citizen?  I know of other people he has hurt and abused that have been too scared to speak up, but hopefully now they may feel that they will be believed after all.....


  1. Great news, Gladys. It's been a long time coming.

  2. I am so sorry you suffered so much - what an amazing woman you are. Well done for having the tenacity to see this through. And the good you have done in protecting others from this monster.
    Love and light Gladys x

  3. She has lots of interesting novels that I'm interested to purchase! Can anyone give me an idea where I can get all copies of her novels?

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    1. Hi Teresa. They are all available on Amazon - the first one is free on kindle (or you can read for free on my blog if you scroll to the top and click on The Man of My Dreams tab)There are links for all the places they are available at the top right of this blog. Plus you can go to my facebook page for more info :)