Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wish Me Luck!

Ok, so after a few weeks of waiting for my doctor to come back from holiday (No way was I going to see another doctor now, after finally finding one that actually listens to me, instead of seeing an overweight, pathetic, middle-aged woman, desperately in need of antidepressants!), tomorrow is the day!

I know from receiving my results in the mail that my TSH is a bit high at 4.78 and FT4 a bit low at 12.7 (range 12-22) - borderline Hypothyroid the report said. If only the people who wrote these reports knew what it felt like to be hypo - there is no such thing as borderline!

Having had a parathyroidectomy and partial thyroidectomy 11 weeks ago, I am feeling a lot better than I was prior to surgery. Getting that pesky enlarged parathyroid gland out of my body, certainly helped no end. The chronic fatigue is about 80% better and manageable now, the twitchy right eye has stopped, my bp seems to be stabilizing and the brain fog seems to be clearing. But I was still left with a lot of problems including: reflux, all over body pain, carpal tunnel, heart palpitations, inability to lose weight, aching feet etc, etc, etc.....

My GP suspected thyroid problems (even though all the GP's before him and 2 endocrinologists refused to even check my thyroid function in any depth - one actually telling me that my thyroid was fine and I didn't need drugs and another telling me there was nothing wrong with me that antidepressants and anti-inflammatory drugs couldn't fix) and it looks like he was vindicated on this last set of tests. They also showed anaemia, so I will be seeing him about both of these issues on monday.

I am guessing he will start me on thyroxine and hope that it actually helps. If not, I am hoping that he is flexible and willing to at least consider the alternatives out there. A bit of added T3 or natural thyroid maybe....who knows, but at least now I am starting to finally get somewhere after 15+ years of asking for help!

BTW - my 14 year old cat started to lose weight at an alarming rate and meow all the time for food. My first thought was that her last dose of revolution had not worked properly and wormed her manually as well. But alas, she just seemed to get worse. I took her to vet and in within a few hours of him seeing her, she was diagnosed as hyperthyroid and on meds - why can't us humans get treatment like that?

Honestly, she has been on meds for a couple of weeks now - if I could improve half as much as my cat has in such a short time, I would be ecstatic! The change is nothing short of miraculous and I want some of that...... surely it is not healthy to be jealous of your cat!!!!

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  1. Update: Doc wants me to wait a few more weeks and then retest TSH to make sure it wasn't a one off high result. I can do that - have waited over 15 years, I can handle a few more weeks....