Saturday, 9 March 2013

Book 4 in The Dream Series

#amwriting number 4..... It centres around Elizabeth from the times she 'dies' in the castle up until when The Chosen One is born.


Queen of the underworld, he had promised her. Everything she desired was hers and together they would rule this land and plan to bring The Chosen One home.

400 years was not such a long time to wait after all. Time went a lot quicker when you were not hind
ered by a human timeline. Soon she would become a fully fledged demon and the power she would have then would outweigh any magical ability she had previously possessed. No one would be able to stop her reaching her goals, no one.
Of course on earth, her trusty prodigy would be doing whatever he could to avenge her death and bring the prophecy to fruition. Poor, miserable, pathetic Sebastian – if only he knew what the real plan was and exactly how he fitted into it. Nothing at all had been left up to chance and The Chosen One would be born out of extraordinary bloodlines – demon and nobility.
In a few short centuries time, Sebastian would turn a young Australian girl into a vampire and the dominoes would start to fall. She would turn one of Elizabeth’s own descendents – who would just happen to be in the right place at the right time and he would entice another female from his own bloodline to love him, as was the aristocrat way. Inbreeding amongst the elite was common and Elizabeth herself was the product of this tradition. He would be drawn to her like a moth to a flame and have no idea why the need to be loved by her was so strong. The curse was not only created to make mortals love vampires, but to make one particular mortal love a chosen vampire. Just one copulation, would be all it took to conceive the baby and then destiny would be hers....

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