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A #Free Chapter From The Chosen One (Book 3 in The Dream Series)

A #free chapter from Book 3 in The Dream Series.

The Chosen One (Book 3 in The Dream Series)
Chapter 25
Apprentice in the Making

“I want to hunt with you tonight,” Chloe said sheepishly as they left the house. She looked down at the ground as if examining her boot.
“I hunt alone – you know that,” Alexi retorted.
“I know, but just this once I thought we could hunt together. I could help you.”
Alexi shot her a suspicious glance. Did she know he was the Ghost?
Chloe lifted her head to look him in the face. Her cheeks were flushed and she knew he would more than likely be mad at her, but there seemed to be too many secrets in this family already.
“I know what you do, I followed you,” she said, trembling slightly as she waited for the aftermath.
Alexi sighed. He should be angry, but he understood that she must be curious. At least she didn't shy away from him and wasn’t viewing him as some hideous monster.
“How much did you see?” he asked dubiously.
“Enough to figure out that you are the hero everyone is talking about,” she said smiling to herself, as she remembered the pride she felt at seeing him rip that pervert to shreds.
“I am no hero,” he replied. “Why would you want to have any part of this? I kill these men and dissect them. I am no more than a murderer myself.”
He turned his back on her, disappointed in himself for not sensing she followed him. The thrill of the hunt obviously shielded his abilities somewhat.
“Those men did not deserve to live!” Chloe yelled. “Rapists and child molesters, you did the world a favour, not to mention the poor women and children you saved in the process of “murdering” these so called men. They are the monsters, not you.”
She lowered her tone and continued.
“I want to help you rid the world of these men. When I saw that man about to abuse that poor young girl, God I wanted to tear him apart myself! Please don’t treat me like a child – I need this.”
She was almost begging him now and he understood. Understood the anger and the hate and the wanting – no, needing – to do something about it. But it could be dangerous for Chloe and increased the chances of exposure. How could he let her put herself in danger like this?
As if sensing his inner turmoil, Chloe spoke.
“If you won’t take me with you, I'll do it alone.” Alexi smiled to himself. She was a stubborn one, that was for sure. Why did he think it would be any different?
“Okay, you can come with me. But you need to be careful. We cannot risk being caught or being seen by the humans. If word gets out that vampires actually exist, there would be panic – not to mention hunters everywhere.”
“I understand and you can count on me. It is a worthy cause and I want to contribute to it – especially after what I saw at Cassie’s house.”
“Which house?” Alexi asked surprised.
“The house that had Cassie’s smell,” she replied. “I'm taking it that she used to live there as a child and that is where you first saved her?”
He was silent for a moment remembering that first time he had saved Cassandra from her mongrel stepfather who was trying to rape her. Oh, how he had reveled in that kill. It had started all this and his love for Cassandra had blossomed as she grew into a beautiful young woman.
“Yes, that is the house where she was abused. Cassandra’s mother sold the house after she went back to her first husband. It looks as if evil attracts evil and another pervert bought that house.”
“Or maybe there are just so many of them out there and it is purely a coincidence,” Chloe suggested.
“Could be, but I hope not or our mission will be pretty futile.”
“Well at least we'll make a decent dent in the population of sickos,” she said. “We better get started though if we're going to get anywhere tonight.”
Alexi nodded.
“Okay, keep your wits about you. Do you think you can keep up?”
And then they were gone.
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