Friday, 26 July 2013


I posted this once before and I am posting it again as it is just so important to me. He is a doctor who was judgemental like a lot of people are towards overweight people with illnesses - until he realised one day that he was wrong. I don't know how many times people have said to me that if I just lost a bit of weight or tried to exercise a bit more, I would feel so much better. For those people, I so wish you could spend just one day in my shoes - I promise you that you would be grovelling at my feet by the end of it and begging for forgiveness! Fatigue is not just feeling a bit tired after a night out drinking or a night without much sleep - it is having to drag yourself around all day trying to do the most menial tasks eg: looking after your toddler and getting your 7yr old to school, getting dressed and brushing your hair and teeth before leaving the house and on a good day doing the housework or even going shopping. Chronic widespread pain just adds to the mix. If I have an ounce of energy left - I attempt to walk to school, but that usually means that something else will have to be excluded.

I hardly invite people to my house anymore - not because I have suddenly become a snob, but because my house is rarely tidy these days and I just don't have the energy to entertain. My real friends know this and socialize with me when they can and still come around to my pigsty and spend time with me - accepting that I am not lazy, but have a chronic illness or 2 or 3.... and know that I am still the same person albeit a tad less enthusiastic about outings or get togethers.

I am feeling a little melancholy today because I found out that someone I really respected and thought was such a strong woman and fighter, took her own life because she just couldn't deal with the pain or struggle for treatment anymore. It breaks my heart that she thought that that was her only option. I am so grateful that I have Barry - he may not totally understand what I am going through, but he works really hard so that I don't have to and never complains about the house being a mess. I am also grateful for my children and my very good friends that are always there to pull me out of any slump. I have everything to live for and for that I am so very thankful.

I have a lot of friends who also suffer with chronic conditions and I hope to God that they know I am ALWAYS here for you - always. You can always message me or ring me and I will talk to you about anything. Things are never that bleak :(

This video is mainly about Insulin Resistance - those of us with hypothyroidism know all about this, along with a host of other wonderful things! I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing spontilitis and hyperparathyroidism...... but I have friends with MS, Lyme Disease, Addisons, Lupus etc that struggle with these issues too. This video is for you and anyone else that relates. I hope you all find a doctor that has seen the light as he now has - and that you have people in your lives that understand ♥

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