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A ‪#‎FREE‬ Chapter From Be Careful What You Wish For (Book 2 in The Dream Series)


Chapter 5   Roadside Rescue

Suzy squinted at the windscreen. She hated driving at night, especially when there seemed to be an endless stream of cars coming towards her. The oncoming lights made it hard to see the road properly, especially in this drizzle. Raindrops seemed to enhance the blurriness of the dirty windscreen.
"Damn it! I knew I should have left Julie's before it got dark," she mumbled to herself.
She always found it a little scary driving at night, as her eyes seemed to play tricks on her and make her think the road was going in a different direction than it actually was. She sometimes saw things on the side of the road that, from a distance, looked like a man . . . but when she got closer, it turned out to be only a tree trunk or fence post. Her overactive imagination didn't help.
Nor did the hundreds of horror movies she'd watched over her lifetime.
Turning eighteen not long ago meant she had only just gotten her "P" plates, allowing her, finally, to drive by herself. Unfortunately, she was learning the hard way that driving by herself at night wasn't as much fun as she first imagined. Having her license gave her a new sense of freedom, and Mum no longer had to take her everywhere. But at the same time, she wished Mum was driving right now.
The road suddenly seemed very quiet. It was good not having the other car's lights blinding her, but it was also eerie in the fact she seemed so alone and vulnerable.
"Not long to go and I'll be home," she said out loud as if trying to reassure herself.
Something darted out from the side of the road and ran in front of her. She slammed her foot on the brake and tried to swerve to avoid hitting it head on. The kangaroo jumped past her side window and she tried to straighten the wheel, but instead overcorrected. With her foot still firmly on the brake, she lost control of the car.
The vehicle spun around in a full circle, almost in slow motion, and she silently prayed as it slid sideways into the fence.
The impact wasn't too bad and she wasn't hurt, but she was shaking uncontrollably and her heart was beating overtime.
Trying to calm down, she noticed her hands still had a death grip on the steering wheel.
Oh my god! Stupid kangaroo! I'm so never driving at night again!
The engine was still running and the lights were still on, but she was trembling so violently she doubted she could manage the drive home.
I'll have to ring Mum, she thought, forming a plan. Hannah will be asleep, but I'm sure she won't mind too much.
She reached into her handbag to grab her phone and started scrolling for her mum's number.

"Are you alright, Miss?"
Suzy nearly jumped out of her skin and dropped her phone in her lap. A man stood right outside her window. Her heart was beating fast again and she was glad her Mum warned her to always lock the doors even if she was only going a short distance.
"Yes, I'm fine, thanks. I'm just ringing my mum."
She had no idea where this guy came from. There was no vehicle anywhere to be seen. He seemed to just appear out of nowhere. It was so dark and she was totally freaking out. She picked up her phone and started to dial 000.
There was an almighty crash and glass shattered onto the back seat. Suzy screamed and quickly pushed send on her phone. Her phone had GPS and she hoped that would be enough for the police to find her if this guy got into her car. She threw her phone onto the passenger side floor.
She turned the key, hearing a graunching sound, then realised the engine was still running. Shaking uncontrollably, she couldn't seem to keep her foot on the brake properly to put the car into drive. She heard the back lock click and the door open and closed her eyes, waiting for him to make his move.
Only it never came.
There was total silence. She slowly opened her eyes and looked into the rear view mirror. Empty. There was no one there. She turned around, reached over the seat and pulled the door shut and locked it. Then she picked up the phone and in a quaking voice told the operator where she was.

Alexi was going to take his time with this one. He would enjoy torturing him and inflicting some of the same fear the bastard had just inflicted on that poor young girl. He hated these men so much, but they tasted so good, especially when they were scared. Evil mixed with fear was intoxicating and delicious. He didn't worry about the girl seeing him, as it was so dark she could hardly see two feet in front of her as it was.
But he had to be careful now.
It was true that now they could see him in his human form while awake, but he didn't want to risk being recognised. Plus, he had to be in his Vamp form to have the strength and speed needed to deal with these "people." He used the word loosely, as he didn't think of them as people at all. More like animals.
He'd grabbed the guy from behind, overpowering him easily. With lightning speed he was miles away in a few seconds. Now they were in the middle of Whiteman Park, surrounded by nothing. No one would be close by to hear the perpetrator's screams, and scream he would by the time Alexi was finished with him. Not only scream, but beg for his life.
Well, he wouldn't be doing him any favours.
He needed this kill. He was a Vampire, after all, and Vampires were essentially killers. He tried to be as good as he could be, but when it came to men like these he let his instincts take over and his inner monster free. He sank his teeth into the man's flesh and took a big long drink. The man screamed out in agony but this only made the blood more delectable. Alexi raised his head and looked at the terrified being in front of him. Yes, he'd make a good meal. The criminal was pissing his pants and evil to the bone.
Alexi bit into his bicep and took a huge bite. The captive cried and struggled, but Alexi just carried on taking bites out of him until the bloodlust took over and he was out of control. As if in a frenzy, he ripped big hunks of flesh off most of his body. He sank his fangs into his neck and drank hungrily, draining him and savouring every last drop.
The drizzle had turned into heavy rain by now, but he hadn't noticed. He was too distracted by the sight and scent of blood. As he stood up the downpour rinsed the blood off, the cold drops feeling good on his hot skin. Feeding time was over and now he needed to get home to Cassandra and dessert. He had a new found energy and needed to burn some of it off!

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