Monday, 16 September 2013


Feeling like a bit of a wimp - but it hurts, damn it!!!!!

Ok, so I suffer with Ankylosing Spontilitis, Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism and have had Hyperparathyroidism - all things that cause pain. So I should be used to pain and be able to handle having a little tooth extracted.... Ok, so not so little. Big in fact. A bottom right wisdom tooth and the molar adjacent to it. 

The extraction in itself was relatively uneventful. I had taken valium beforehand as I don't do well at dentists anymore. The adrenaline injection gives me heart palps and dizzy spells and I now have anxiety attacks working myself up to an actual visit. This time, the dentist used a non-adrenaline jab and I had no probs what-so-ever - teeth were out in no time and I was on may way home. I was pleasantly surprised and thought maybe my fear of dentists was now over.


As the anaesthetic began to wear off, I realised that not only did it hurt where the 2 teeth had been pulled, but my top jaw ached as well, along with my cheek bone, eye socket and jaw hinge. I have problems with TMJ and cannot open my mouth very wide at the best of times and occasionally my jaw will lock if I yawn....

Almost a week on and my top jaw and teeth are still aching - the bottom jaw, where the teeth were actually taken from, seems to be healing nicely! Because of my stupid blood pressure problems, I cannot take NSAIDs and codeine doesn't agree with me - so my choice of pain medications are panadol or tramadol when the pain gets bad. They don't seem to be helping so much in this situation though :(

Hopefully, by this time next week this will all be but a distant memory......

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