Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Being an Indie author is anything but easy. Apart from writing, we have to organise and pay for our own editing and cover designs, do our own formatting (or pay someone to do it), upload our books to sites and do all our own promoting/marketing - which quite often involves giving away free copies of our hard work. If we are lucky enough to make a profit after forking out for all of this, it usually goes back into the process again.

One of the absolute hardest things, is to get our paperbacks into brick and mortar bookstores. I, myself, have been incredibly lucky in that respect as I have had not just one - but three local bookstores support me in this venture. I know I have thanked them, but I wonder if they realise just what a big deal it was by just saying "Yes" and taking the time to put my books on their shelves.

Thank you to Liz at Dymocks Ellenbrook, Karen at  Book Express, and Books Plus Midland ( three of the most amazing bookstores out there and I hope all you West Australians will support them as they have supported me.

The awesome display that Dymocks Ellenbrook did for my books.

My books on display at Book Express.

As well as these two supportive bookstores, I also have had great support from Let's Play Centre in Ellenbrook too. They hosted my book signing there, made all the posters and also promoted it for me.

I have had two local newspapers run stories about me and my books: The Advocate and The Examiner

And my local library agreed to have my books on their shelves and available for lending.

I am very grateful for the supportive community that I live in - so thank you to Ellenbrook and its surrounding suburbs. Hopefully one day soon I will do you proud!


  1. Wow, this is wonderful Gladys! You clearly have an amazing community behind you - congratulations :) Dianna xx

    1. Thanks Dianna, be good if I could pay them back some day for their support. It really has meant so much to me. It isn't like I am selling thousands of books or famous....and yet they have still happily stocked my books or supported me however they could :)