Thursday, 12 September 2013


Anyone who has read anything about me or knows me personally, knows that Cassie is loosely based on me and who my choice for Alexi would be. Hayley, Moyra and Nana are all based on real life friends of mine, Chloe is my daughter Emma and Elizabeth is Elizabeth Bathory - but who would you get to play them in a movie or TV show?  My dream choices are below:


I was a huge fan of Moonlight and Alex's character of Mick St John is the vampire I imagine my Alexi to look like. I think Vamps should be hot - don't you?


My friend Nana has the most beautiful smile that just warms your heart - Diane Keaton has a lovely smile too and is a great actress!


Dark hair and eyes, just like my Moyra - I think Racheal would be perfect :)


Fiery and sexy red-head and Rose was awesome as Paige in Charmed.

A strange choice to play an evil, cold-blooded killer you say? I think Linda could easily pull off Elizabeth!

Isla looks as though butter wouldn't melt and I think she could capture my special friend :)


Jude could definitely play a psychotic serial killer! 


Jennifer Love-Hewitt is one of my favourite actresses. The expressions and emotions she manages to portray on film truly amaze me.....


Chris Hemsworth is hot, has long blond hair, can be ruthless and sexy and is an awesome Aussie actor - just right for Sebastian.


Demi Harmon is an Australian actress - currently on Home and Away. Her look and manner would suit Chloe down to the ground.

A.J. (Adult)

Justin Barringer is a model - not sure if he can act or not! I imagine A.J. to look similar to this as an adult.


I just had to invent a vampire based on Gabriel Mann - just look at him?? He screams vampire to me! Anway,  *SPOILER ALERT* in the book I am writing at the moment (Succubus: An Erotic Companion - Book 4 in The Dream Series), Gabriel has just made his first appearance as Sebastian's bastard half-brother.... watch this space :)

Now this guy I have had a crush since I first saw him in Boyzone.....about a hundred years ago! Hot doesn't quite cover it :) THERE will be a Ronan character in my next book, I just haven't quite figured out just what type of character he will be yet. Vampire, Demon, Hybrid......or maybe even an Evil Angel? You will just have to wait and see - just as I have to!

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