Saturday, 12 October 2013

Looking for Book Bloggers

Life After Hell: Surviving Sexual Abuse - Looking for Book Bloggers.....

I know it is not the easiest book to read and I didn't write it to be. I wrote it to hopefully get the message across to victims and survivors that you can get through abuse like this - it doesn't have to determine what kind of future you are going to have. Plus you can seek justice, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. It is not an easy thing to do and a lot of people will probably be against you doing it - but it can be done. I am proof of that.
I need help on getting the word out. Blogs, reviews, sharing posts, tweeting, GR recommendations.....whatever you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Either PM me or just comment here if you would like to help. I didn't have a release party for this book, just didn't feel like it was the right thing to do. Any suggestions would be a great help.

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