Saturday, 14 December 2013



She closed her eyes and imagined he was licking her and felt the muscles in her stomach tighten as her insides ached with desire.

Could have at least waited until I was cold in my grave! Elizabeth thought to herself. She obviously didn’t expect him to live like a monk and understood that his newly found hormones would be raging. But still, she thought she had made more of a lasting impression on him than that. She was used to being lusted after and having men pine for her, but Sebastian seemed to have gotten over her untimely death and moved on just a little too quickly for her liking.

She watched enviously as he pleasured the woman beneath him with his tongue and felt her own desire building. She zoomed in on him and saw that he seemed to be enjoying the task at hand. He appeared to be very adept at finding the spot, and the sight of his tongue licking so expertly made Elizabeth hot and flustered. She had never really given him the chance to see what he was capable of, something she regretted now while watching his performance. The whore was squirming and moaning beneath him, and Elizabeth had the urge to ascend to earth and possess the girl and steal the pleasure for herself. But she hadn’t quite perfected the art of possession – not yet.

“Maybe next time,” she said out loud as she waved her hand over the mirror and went in search of some release.  

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