Saturday, 15 March 2014

My "unhelpful" premonitions.

Any of you that know me well or have read my books, know that I have a lot of dreams. Some are premonitions and a lot end up in my books.

Well, I had a dream about a year ago about a plane load of people being taken hostage. I can remember the plane had landed somewhere green (so not like here in Western Australia!) and I think it started with P - but couldn't remember the name when I woke up.  I keep thinking Peru but that makes no sense..... There was a doctor on board and he secretly tried to use his mobile phone but had no signal. Of course I was there too and I wanted to let my family know what was happening, but I couldn't. The passengers were scared of people on board but I never saw them, just felt their fear.... saw people outside the plane walking around though and then being told to get back on board.... could be nothing to do with this flight but does make me wonder!

I dreamt about the Raurimu shootings in NZ before they happened - scared the crap out of my ex when I woke up screaming and relayed my dream to him. In my dream I was there (as I always am) and there was a naked man with dark hair, inside what looked liked the office of a lodge or similar, shooting people with a shot gun -  and it happened a few days later. I never get enough info of where or when though, so can never warn people. I will always remember the look on my ex's face the day it happened and he was stopped at a roadblock on the way to work. There had been a shooting and they found the guy responsible in the bushes, naked.....

I dreamt about Barry for years before I met him. Dreamt we were walking around the supermarket holding hands and had a little girl with dark hair and brown eyes. Dreamed about him since about the age of 17 (see a connection to The Man of My Dreams here?)

I dreamt about my brother Steven's car accident and funeral but didn't know who it was....just that it was a male that I loved very much and that he had blue eyes.  It sucks having half a gift!

I have had a lot of little, more insignificant dreams too over the years that have happened. Like the dream about someone giving me an envelope with a joint and a hundred dollar note in it! The next day my friend Jeanette gave me a hundred dollar note and one of my lovely children was picked up by the cops for smoking dope in the park!

Lately I have had dreams about a man being murdered on a boat and being thrown overboard and then seeing a bloody towel being washed. I dreamt that a female was missing - the message just said "she's missing" - what am I supposed to do with that?? I know it was a different time zone as I wanted to ring but had to wait until a reasonable time.

So now I am wondering if this is another premonition with half of the info. There is a place called Perungundi (I emphasise the Peru bit) in India?? Coincidence? There is a place called Peru in Ilinois, US too. I cannot get Peru out of my mind and it is doing my head in. In the dream I kept thinking about Colombian hostages, so Peru makes sense there - but there is no way that plane could have made it that there? I keep thinking about this Peru thing and a friend thinks maybe is a connection to Peru or word association and not actually Peru itself? I was looking for connections between WA and Peru and there are companies that mine in both places like Laconia so it could be something like that or a Peruvian on board or maybe it has nothing to do with Peru at all and the Per is Perth.....  was very green in my dream though.

Wish they would just bloody find it!!!!

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