Friday, 29 January 2016

Book a #Psychic Photo Reading for just $50

Online psychic photo readings are just $50 AUD (approx $52 NZD, $40 USD, £30 or €34) and are available to book from practically anywhere in the world. 

Face to Face are $80 for 1 hour/$50 for half an hour and only available in the Perth Metro area (Australia).

Skype and phone readings are $50 for half an hour. If you live outside of Australia or don't have a landline, voice calls may be arranged via Skype or Facebook messenger. Message me for details or to book.
Parties and group bookings are available too.
I don't make appointments for photo readings, it is just first in first serve. I do readings in the order I receive them. With Face to Face you will have to message me to arrange a time (only available in Ellenbrook, W. Australia) and you can either pay cash on the day or use the PayPal or bank deposit option if you prefer.

Booking an online photo reading is as easy as 1, 2, 3 

1) Payment via my PayPal link: or by using my email address or by direct bank deposit (only available in Australia, contact me for bank details.)

2) Send me a photo either through my Facebook page or email me at with your birth date ( you must be over 18 years old) and a picture of you or a deceased loved one, along with a snapshot/screen shot of your payment if paying by bank deposit. I can only read you or people who have passed over, I CANNOT read people without their consent. So please do not ask me to read your spouse etc.

3) Once I have received all of the above, I will write up your reading and send it back to you. Most readings are done within a few hours of receiving your photo, but allow 48hrs just in case I happen to be working etc.

You are more than welcome to message me if you feel I have forgotten you or missed your request.

All readings are confidential.

I am originally from NZ, but have been living in Australia since 2007. I am a mother and an author( and also work part time in a deli/winery.

I've had my abilities since childhood, but have always been a little scared of using them, so instead I tried to block them out for the majority of my life. I've had prophetic dreams and seen and felt spirits around me all of my life as well. Recently, I began working to overcome that fear. I've made a lot of wonderful friends along the way that have taught me grounding and protection techniques and I have also started learning about meditation and crystals. All of this has helped me to learn and grow and I am now no longer as frightened as I was. There is still a bit of residual fear there, but it is dissipating more each day. I've connected with 2 of my guides and learned to listen to that little voice inside my head and not second guess my own intuition. So far, I have been pretty accurate with the majority of my photo readings. I hope you will follow me in this very exciting and spiritual journey x 


You must be 18 years of age or older to receive any of the services Gladys Quintal provides. By making payment for any services, it is understood that you have taken the time to read, acknowledge and agree to this legal and binding disclaimer. All services provided and any information / advice you receive from any and all communication, or consultation by email or in person by Gladys is for educational, spiritual, inspirational and entertainment purposes only and does not (nor should it), substitute or take place of any medical, legal, financial, business or psychological advice you are seeking, needing or is given to you from or by any qualified professionals. Gladys Quintal accepts no liability or responsibility for any decisions, choices and/or actions taken, by any client based upon the services, consultations or communications with her. The choices you make or actions you take, are solely and completely your responsibility.

Payment Policies:

* Readings are scheduled and paid in full, in advance. If for any reason your reading cannot be done, a full refund will be given.

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