#Erotic #Shortstory #99cents

Beautiful and sexy Charlie Mason, is very content with her life - until the day she loses her mojo. After months of trying to get it back, failing and becoming more and more frustrated, a friend suggests a relaxing massage. Is this just what the doctor ordered to restore harmony to her life? Or will she get more than she bargained for.....?


Sheryl was right; this is exactly what I needed. I have never been so relaxed in my entire life. Every muscle is limp and floppy, from my head right down to my toes. I actually feel like I could fall asleep, but just as I contemplate letting go of my senses, a warm glow starts deep in my belly. It’s familiar, one I have felt many times before. Its arousal and I am fighting very hard to ignore it. Just relax and it will go away, I try to reassure myself. But it isn’t going away, the intense feeling of lust and need is growing stronger.

I attempt to think of something else, concentrate on anything but the ache that is building deep inside of me, but it’s futile and I can feel my nipples digging into the table below me. I’m positive my breathing and heart rate have quickened and start to panic that Josh has picked up on the fact that I am turned on. I focus on trying to calm myself and slow everything down as Josh works on my lower back. I have goose bumps and his touch feels slightly electric on my skin. Every part of me is alive and I decide to relax and go with the sensations.

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