Adelaide Stone has been in love with the gorgeous Holt - her neighbour - since kindergarten, but he doesn't seem to know she exists. Her low opinion of herself doesn't help matters and neither do the secrets that have entwined their two families since they were kids.

Will he ever notice her, take her in his arms and profess his undying love? Or will the skeletons she is about to uncover, crush her dreams forever..... 

I watch him out of my bedroom window like I have done so many times before. He walks outside into the cool, crisp air, closes the front door behind him, and starts jogging down the street. My heart pounds in my chest and a warm glow slowly travels up my body as I imagine him coming over to me and asking me to join him in his daily run. Every step he takes is in perfect time with the music playing in my head. I watch him run down to the end of the road and turn the corner, like a stalker behind the curtains, hiding away so he cannot see me.

He is perfect and I have loved him always, but he doesn’t really know that I exist. To him, I am just another annoying teenage girl that drools and stutters whenever he is around. He’s hot, hotter than any guy I’ve ever seen before, and I long for him to pull me into his arms, kiss me and make the world disappear. I dream about him practically every night and in my dreams we are always together, in love and making plans.

I’ve known him forever; he’s my best friend’s brother and our lives have been entwined from as far back as I can remember. But he doesn’t notice that I have grown into a woman. I am almost eighteen, I am no longer a child, and see him as a very desirable man that I long to be with. I am sure he still thinks of me as a little girl, his sister’s little friend that is always at his house or going away on holidays with his family. I wish I could make him see me, the real me, and make him want me as much as I’ve always wanted him.

But for now I will have to be content with I can get. At the moment, it is spying on him as he goes for his morning jog or having the odd short conversation while he walks his sister and I to school or when he bumps into me at his house. He’s always been protective of me in a way, almost like a big brother, and makes sure I get to school and home again safely. Maybe it is because I have no father to watch out for me and he feels sorry for me, or maybe he feels obligated to keep his sister’s bestie safe from harm. Whatever the reason, I am grateful for the little bit of contact we do have.

My whole being screams to me that we are meant for each other, soul mates destined to be together. If my dreams are to be believed, then one day we will be together; one day he will suddenly notice me and realise he cannot live another day without me in his life. If my dreams are to be believed and are not just the overactive imagination of a desperate teenage girl wishing for things that can never be.

 Genre: New Adult Romance

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