Why Won't Someone Help Me?

I always knew there was something wrong with me healthwise, but trying to get a diagnosis or getting doctors to listen to me was becoming a nightmare. I had been living with pain and fatigue for going on 15 years now and really just wanted it to stop and to be able to feel 'normal' again.
I must admit that in my early 20’s I wasn’t exactly empathetic to other people’s ailments. They would complain of flu’s or bad backs – things I had never experienced and so compassion wasn’t exactly flowing out of me. Karma was about to bite me on the bum, big time.
I had always been relatively healthy; healthy weight, good blood pressure, slept pretty well, ate healthily and exercised regularly. The first time I woke up with pain in my lower back at the age of 23, I thought I was dying!

This is my own journey to diagnosis and treatment for Hyperparathyroidism and Hypothyroidism.


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