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I can't believe that my blog is this close to reaching such a milestone! Thank you all so much for your support as always :) 

As a special thank you, I am giving away paperback copies of my two latest books. Just comment below with which one of my books is your favourite and why and once we reach the 30,000 mark, I will choose a winner via random.org :)

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He walks into the kitchen and I decide to throw caution to the wind and follow him. He appears to be a bit nervous when he sees me. I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his neck.
“Thank you so much for being there for me tonight. I shudder to think what would have happened had it not been for you. You really are my hero.”
He squeezes me tight for a few seconds and then tries to pull away. I keep my arms around his neck and pull back enough to see his eyes. They are filled with such pain that it throws me a little.
“I’m just glad you are ok,” he replies and attempts to pull away again.
My heart is beating very fast and I decide that it is now or never. I will make the first move, then if he responds, I will know for sure how he feels. I move in closer and gently touch my lips against his. He moves back to try and avoid my kiss, but I hold him tight and push my body close to his. He lets out a soft moan, but I can feel the conflict within him. His body is stiff and he is trying not to respond to me. I softly bite his lower lip and his lower regions respond to me. I can feel his heart pounding in his chest and then suddenly his arms are around me, drawing me into him and his mouth is crushing mine. His erection is obvious as it bores into my stomach. His kiss is desperate and demanding and I am totally lost in the moment. Then he suddenly stops and pushes me away.
“I’m sorry, Addie. We can’t do this. It isn’t right.”
He pushes past me, storms into his room, and slams the door behind him. I’m bewildered and wondering what has just happened. He likes me, I know he does, so why is it so wrong? I am not a child and I’m pretty sure Janine won’t care. I can’t leave it like this. I know by the morning he will be cold and aloof again and I will never get the nerve up to confront him again. I walk over to his bedroom door, take a deep breath and turn the handle. He is sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. He looks up at me, totally distraught.
“Addie, please, just go.”
“I am not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on. You like me, I know you do. I am not imagining the way you look at me and I didn’t imagine that in the kitchen just now.”
“There can never be anything between us, Addie. We are just friends, you just need to accept it. I don’t feel that way about you.”
“That’s bullshit and you know it. Now what is going on? I am pretty sure you don’t have anyone else or I would have noticed. I don’t have a boyfriend. Janine would be over the moon if we got together. I’m pretty sure you’re not gay…”
He glares at me. “No, I’m not gay.”
“Well, that was obvious from the way your body responded to me.”
He looks away. “Just leave it. You need to just move on. I cannot offer you anything other than friendship.”
I’m frustrated. He’s lying to me and I want an explanation. I kneel down in front of him and hold his head between my hands.
“Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me.”
“I don’t love you.”
I shake my head. “Look me in the eye and say it.”
He raises his eyes and I can see tears welling. I lean forward to kiss him and he pushes me back, so hard that I fall back and hit the wall. He stands up, tears flowing freely down his cheeks.
“Just tell me!” I scream. “Why can’t we be together? What possible reason could there be?”

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Author interview with MaryAnn Bernal

 The Briton and the Dane


King Alfred the Great has thwarted the Viking threat against his kingdom of Wessex. Signing a treaty with the formidable Danish King Guthrum, he succeeds in pushing the heathen army back to the rolling fens of East Anglia.

An uneasy peace holds sway: The King establishes a standing army under Lord Richard, who takes command of the citadel at Wareham.

Richard and his army are accompanied by his daughter, Gwyneth, an impetuous and reckless young woman – at once striking, intellectually gifted, but dangerously vain and imprudent.

While Richard broods on the Viking threat, Gwyneth falls in love with an enemy prince - only to discover that she has been betrothed to a Saxon warrior twice her age.  

Refusing to countenance her grim fate, she flees the fortress, but is soon kidnapped by a Viking warrior and taken to the camp of King Guthrum while Saxon search parties scour the land.  

In captivity, a hostage to fortune, and the focus of political intrigue, Gwyneth is submerged in a world of expediency, betrayal and black treachery. Slowly, she realizes the truth is suspect, nothing is what it appears and her reality cannot be trusted. 

And all the time, against this background, she desires nothing more than to be reunited with her dashing Danish prince.

Tell us a little about your book

The story begins when Gwyneth hides a wounded Danish Viking, Erik, from her father, Lord Richard, who commands the Burh of Wareham where men wishing to serve in King Alfred’s standing army are trained. King Alfred and the Danish Viking King Guthrum have already signed a peace treaty and King Guthrum will be returning to his lands in East Anglia. Gwyneth falls in love with Erik, but he is rescued before she speaks with her father who has already arranged her marriage without her knowledge. Meanwhile, the southern coast is being fortified to withstand another Viking assault from the Danish homeland. Gwyneth is kidnapped by one of King Guthrum’s favored warriors who brings her to the Danish encampment. There are many characters whose lives intertwine with Gwyneth’s plight, and each of them have their own story. Illegitimate offspring covet a crown and warring Norsemen covert the fertile land. Treachery, deception and betrayal determine the outcome of the battle for sovereignty (Birthright) and the battle at sea (Legacy).

Read excerpts from the franchise while listening to music

The Briton and the Dane Birthright

The Briton and the Dane Legacy

The Briton and the Dane Concordia

The Briton and the Dane Timeline

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Print and electronic editions available

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The Briton and the Dane: The Complete Trilogy

The Briton and the Dane: Timeline

The Briton and the Dane: Concordia

I am a big fan of Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series. I also love James Herbert, Barbara Erskine, Anne Rice and Victoria Holt and these authors have helped to inspire me. Who are your idols and who inspires you?

Sir Walter Scott is number one on my list. My love of history and inspiration for my stories began after reading Ivanhoe.

Erik was “born” when I was still an impressionable teenager after having seen the period Hollywood blockbusters of the time. A few examples are: The Vikings, Knights of the Round Table, Prince Valiant, and The Black Shield of Falworth, to name but a few
My female characters are strong women, following the example of Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th c) - a woman before her time. When she was Queen of France, she participated in the Second Crusade, was a powerful Queen of England, and as Queen Dowager, was regent when Richard participated in the Third Crusade.

Frans G. Bengtsson (The Long Ships) and Steven Saylor (Roma, A Novel of Ancient Rome) also deserve mention.

Your books are historical – if you had the chance to go back in time, is there anyone in particular that you would want to see again or meet for the first time and would you try and change history?
I’d love to meet Ramses II, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Jesus of Nazareth, Spartacus, Ragnar, Alfred the Great, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Cesare Borgia, Richard III, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I - will stop here because the list is quite large. Would I attempt to change history - I would have to resist temptation, lest I’m never born (Star Trek paradox).

If you could have any super or magical powers in the world – what would you choose?

Time manipulation

Bucket List Stuff

1. Spending a week walking the ruins of Pompeii
2. Visiting Stonehenge during the summer solstice
3. Exploring Cornwall, starting at Tintagel
4. Volcano hopping in Hawaii
5. Visit the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark

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All 3 Novellas in "The Someone To Love Me" Trilogy in one paperback......

Undeserving (Novella #1 in the Someone To Love Me trilogy)

All of her life, Bree had been treated badly by men.  According to her mother, it was just the way it was with the women in her family and there was no point in trying to fight it. There was no sense in dreaming about Prince Charming right out of the story books, he just didn't exist. She had to accept her fate and move on. It was as simple as that.

Bree craved love. She longed for a man to promise her his heart and soul and protect her from the monsters that she had grown accustomed to. She prayed that her mother was wrong and that one day he would find her.

Unforgiving (Novella #2 in the Someone To Love Me trilogy)

When she is given a second chance, Bree tries to put the pieces of her shattered life back together. Without her abusive husband ruling her every move, she begins to enjoy her newly found freedom and decides to explore her feelings for his younger brother.

But is the violence truly over? Or is Bree undeserving as her mother always said she was......

Understanding (Novella #3 in the Someone To Love Me trilogy)

Still believing that her mother may have been right and everything she touches turns to dust, Bree decides to break away from the entire Butler family. Can she put the pieces of her shattered past behind her and start afresh on her own? Or will Trey's undying love draw her back into his arms and into his world once more.

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The "Someone to Love Me" Trilogy by Gladys Quintal

The "Someone to Love Me" Trilogy

by Gladys Quintal

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