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I will be posting a chapter a week to read #free here on my blog (this week it is chapter 29 - the final chapter, hopefully you caught chapters 1 - 28 already.)

Since book 1 (The Man of My Dreams) is already free at Amazon, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, allromance, Smashwords and Wattpad:

 I will post a chapter of book 2 (Be Careful What You Wish For) every week starting January 2014. I will leave the chapter up for a week and then delete and post the next chapter.

Be Careful What You Wish For (Book 2 in The Dream Series) 
  Chapter 29

Chapter 29
Lost Love
(The Final Chapter)

Alexi literally flew into the house. He could hear A.J. screaming hysterically. Thank God, at least the boy is alive. He could not say the same for Cassie, as he still could not find her in his thoughts and she was not dreaming.
He rushed into A.J.'s bedroom and checked that he was safe. The boy stopped crying the instant he saw his father . . .  even though his father was in Vampire form and it was the first time A.J. had seen him so.
You'll be safer here for now, my boy. I'll come back for you soon.
He ventured up the hallway towards his and Cassandra's bedroom. His heart was heavy and he dreaded what he was about to find.
He opened the door. There was no one in the bedroom, but he could see the en-suite light was on and could hear the fan. No other sounds came from the bathroom. Slowly he opened the door and saw Cassie lying lifeless on the floor, Maria still attached to her neck.
"Maria, stop!" He yelled. "You're killing her!"
He ran forward and grabbed Maria by her hair, dragging her off effortlessly. He threw her against the wall hard and fell to his knees in front of Cassie. She was so pale. He knew in his heart that she was already gone.
"I swear, woman, if it wasn't for the fact that Cassandra would never forgive me I'd tear your head off your fucking body!"

He picked Cassie up in his arms and cradled her limp body like a baby rocking her and sobbing.
"Why? Why did you do this? She was your friend and she loved you. She would have done anything for you. You are weak, and now she is dead!"
Maria slowly picked herself up off the floor and looked at the scene in front of her.
Dead? No she couldn't be dead. She had only taken a little, just enough to quench her thirst and satisfy the unbearable hunger.
She walked over to Alexi and Cassie, and when she saw her friend she gasped. Oh God, I did kill her!
"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to— I couldn't stop! I didn't think I took that much," she cried.
"You drained her, you stupid bitch, and now she's gone. I'll never forgive you for this and I suggest you get out of my sight now before I change my mind and send you to join her!"
"Can't you give her some of your blood?" Maria asked. "It would save her, wouldn't it?"
"Save her?" He yelled exasperated. "How exactly would it save her, Maria? It would condemn her to a life of hiding in the shadows and scrounging. She would hate it and hate me for subjecting her to it. Now, for the last time, leave!"
Maria decided she better listen. She had no idea how she was meant to survive and was pretty sure Alexi wasn't going to be her mentor and take her under his wing. Head down and feeling utterly destroyed, she left the house. How was she going to live with this? She wished with all her heart there was a way to take it all back.
Alexi put his face next to Cassie's. She was still warm and he imagined she might still be with him, but he knew in his heart she wasn't. He could hear no heartbeat and no thoughts at all.
How was he going to go on without her? His heart felt as if it would break in two.
At that moment A.J. started to cry for his mummy. My poor boy, how am I going to explain all this to him? He is so young to lose his mother, and Cassie would be so distraught to hear him crying like that. He laid Cassie down, brushed her wet hair off her face, and then stood up. He took one last look at her. Goodbye, my love. Then he went off to console his son.
His whole body felt heavy as he transformed back into the image of a man. Heavy with grief.
He lifted the boy out of his cot and held him close for a few minutes, feeling his warmth and hearing his little heart beating very fast. A.J. wriggled to get down, so Alexi put him on the ground.
Instantly he ran up the hall calling, "Mummy, Mummy."
Alexi went after him to stop him, but the boy was already standing next to his mother's body.
He watched as A.J. went over to her and then lay down on the floor next to her, snuggling up to her.
"Love you, Mummy," he said very quietly.
Alexi started to shake. He could feel the grief hitting him in waves and he had to go out of the room. He didn't want his son to see him like this. Sebastian wanted to break him and he had succeeded. That bastard took the most precious thing in the world away from him. He sat down on the floor, put his head in his hands and sobbed uncontrollably.
A.J. cuddled up to his mummy. He stroked her face and kissed her cheek.
"Wake up, Mummy," he said.
His mummy didn't move. She wouldn’t wake up, just like the lady in his room before. The man made himself bleed and then put blood into the lady's mouth . . . and she woke up.
The little boy sat up. He shook his mother again, but still she wouldn’t respond. He bit into his wrist as hard as he could. It really hurt, but he saw some blood appear. Then he leaned over his mother, held his wrist over her face and let the red droplets fall into her mouth . . .

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